Vinyl Cutter Machine with Automatical Contour function (FXMG1200M)

Vinyl Cutter Machine with Automatical Contour function (FXMG1200M)

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High Quality 1200mm Vinyl Cutter Machine with Automatical Contour function
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1. ARMS cutter help you to cut printed design automatically! Easy,convenient and save your time and labor.

2. High precision cutting: 2mm letters cutting is piece of cake

3. Integrated Grit roller

The integrated grit roller is precisely engineered to provide super tracking ability.To make sure 5M without deviation.

4. Friendly operation

The user-friendly control panel comes with a large 2.4'' LCD and 9 control buttons, providing easy operation and simple navigation for users. With both Chinese and English languages. The LCD allows users to monitor all operational settings including cutting speed and cutting force. Buttons include frequently used functions such as speed, force and cut test.

    Technical specifications

    On Board

    • High-performance & intelligent ARM 32 CPU, 64MB memory
    • High Speed Stepping Motor, Micro-step driver

    Vinyl Feed

    • 1200mm

      Max Speed

        • 650mm/s

                Cutting Force

                • 0-500g (digital adjustment)


                • USB / Serial Port

                Power Supply

                • AC 110V / 220V 50Hz/60Hz


                • =< 75DB

                Shipping Dimenson

                • 1590 *  330 * 375mm
                • 32Kg


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