RGB Fisheye (RGB5050LENT) RGB 100pcs

  • RGB Fisheye (RGB5050LENT) RGB 100pcs

RGB Fisheye (RGB5050LENT) RGB 100pcs

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This Socket Casting modules is ideal from 60mm to 150mm return buildup letter. It is super bright and with a 160 degree beam angle.  This is most suitable for wider buildup letter. 

With an IP Rating of IP65 for indoor or outdoor use. 

For more detail please download our datasheet.

  • Model: FXTRGB5050
  • Input Voltage: 12vDC
  • Luminous Flux: R-6, G-10, B-3
  • Power: 0.65watt/pcs
  • Working Temperature: -25~60
  • Dimension:85mmx17.5mmx8.4mm
  • IPRating: IP65
  • RGB 5050SMD LED, long life, low attenuation
  • Cascade quantity up to 20pcs
  • Beam angle: 160°
  • Constant voltage driving,uniform light,stable performance
  • CE, UL, RoHS approved.
  • 3 years warranty


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