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Just to let you know if you are checking, we are in the middle of upgrading the website.  After two years and more, magneto decided to have more security patch and updates so that the business user can spend more money and time to improve they website.  Security update is done, people can still shop online. Please be patience, I am sure is going to look a lot better than before and definitely now.




A Light Emitting Diode, better known as an LED derives its name from the presence of a diode in its construction. The presence of the conductor with a dual terminal allows an LED to emit bright light without the need of an exterior in the shape of a typical bulb. It actually depends on photon emission to produce light.

In the present times, LEDs are rapidly gaining popularity due to their practicality.Perhaps, the most appreciated feature an LED in its energy efficient behaviour.It is estimated that LEDs consume at least 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. This basically is a result of LED projecting directional light instead of spreading it out in all directions. This greatly reduces the need to release large amounts of heat energy resulting in energy efficient behaviour of LEDs.

The Advantages & Benefits of LED Lighting For Domestic & Commercial Use


I’m sure that many of you will have heard of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting and some of you may even be utilising it in your own home or business at the moment. Some of you may even already know of the benefits that it can have on you, your pocket and the environment. LED lighting is ultimately the way forward, and I am about to shed a little light (no pun intended) on how you could make a positive change and why.

Introduction from Focus LED


We are here to help and we love to hear from you, your background & experience. Let's share.   We understand you don't always have time to put comment but it's worth the time to share your thoughts with each other who might be working in the same industrial. This is a Meet & Greet Service from Focus LED.

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